Share, Connect & Learn

  • Gain followers by sharing your climbing activities, route pictures and personal statistics.
  • Follow your friends and other climbers around the world, both professional and amateur.
  • Comment, like and share activities from friends and other climbers.
  • Learn from expert climbers and discover the climbing spots they love.

Explore & Discover

  • Discover the best places where to climb around the world.
  • Forget the books! bring all your route guides in one app.
  • Zone and route insights always up to date from other climbers feedback.
  • Know which routes are best suited to your level.
  • Plan your climbing outings, how to get there, where to park etc.

Track, Analyze & Improve

  • Track all the routes you do, their level, and the time you needed to complete them.
  • Visualize and follow your progress to analyze how to improve.
  • Achieve your goals and get to the level that you want.
  • Compete with your friends.


  • Prepare yourself with a safety activity which teaches the most important procedures.
  • Contact local emergency services wherever you are, as a local or a foreigner.
  • Get automatically located by the emergency services.
  • Set a emergency contact if you have an accident during an activity.